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Welcome to the official website for Sons of Liberty on the SWG Emulator Basilisk server. Sons of Liberty was originally founded on August 4, 2004 on the Shadowfire server. We are a guild of Star Wars fans who want to enjoy playing the game we love in its original format. We also have chapters of the guild in SWTOR on the Ebon Hawk server and in Age of Conan ( Soldiers of Lemuria). When ProjectSWG has a playable server up we will be starting a chapter there also. We are mainly a Rebel guild but we do allow Imperials to join if they want to. We are also mainly an adult-only guild but do allow guild members to bring their children into the guild also.

We accept any and all races and professions with only a few requirements:

1) Must be at least 18
2) Must install and use Ventrilo if you want to be considered for promotion to Officer
3) Must play regularly within reason
4) Must be willing to participate in guild activities
5) No griefing
6) No begging for money/items from
7) Must defend guild and its members against all enemies
8) Must not do anything that would give others a negative impression of the guild

Below is the list of guild officers:

Rafon Sunwaver - Guild Leader/Founder
Lizzard Lipps - Co-guildleader
Lyydia Sunwaver - Co-guildleader
Squiddly Sunwaver - Co-guildleader
T'essa Sunwaver - Co-guildleader
Whoareyou - Co-guildleader
Zorrro Sunwaver - Co-guildleader

Widjet Rominzer - Mayor, Senior Officer
Gadjet Rominizer - Senior Officer
Li'Gunn Rominizer - Senior Officer
Lo'Gunn Rominizer - Senior Officer
Avasaxen Rominizer - Senior Officer
Rombacca - Senior Officer

Timotay Cereza - Senior Officer
Dilania - Senior Officer
Pievaa - Senior Officer
Pievee - Senior Officer
Pievoo - Senior Officer

T'jay - Senior Officer, Ambassador
Tjay - Senior Officer, Ambassador

Tirri - Senior Officer
Tafi - Senior Officer

Here is the info for our ventrilo server:
Download at

Port: 11347
Password: letmein
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Quigster, Jan 11, 13 12:48 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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